Sclerotherapy involves injecting the unwanted veins with polidocanol, a natural anesthetic and vein irritant. The solution collapses the veins, gradually fading them from view. The size and number of veins will determine the number of sessions necessary for optimal results. Typically, 60 minutes of sclerotherapy can treat both legs, whereas 30 minutes can treat one full leg or two upper- or lower-leg areas. A minimum of two sessions is recommended, and occasionally three sessions are needed to achieve the desired result. Wear or bring a pair of loose-fitting shorts with you to your appointment so your veins can be fully evaluated. Compression stockings are not required afterward but you may prefer to wear them for comfort. Ask about treatment package options!

30 Min Session


 All natural rejuvenative skin treatment

45 Min Session


Rejuvenate both the face and the neck naturally

60 Min Session


Rejuvenative skin treatment plus one syringe of dermal filler

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